WP1: Indoor 3D MIMO channel modelling ( Leader: UT)
Goals: The goals of WP1 are to characterize and model the radio propagation channel in indoor 3D MIMO scenarios
1. Characterising mechanisms of elevation sub-path generation and incorporating them into ray launching based simulation
2. Establishing an indoor 3D Spatial Channel Model Extended (SCME) model based on 3D ray launching channel simulations
3. Developing a 3D MIMO channel sounder and performing indoor channel measurements to verify the indoor 3D SCME

WP2: Over-the-Air (OTA) aided 3D MIMO array antenna optimization for indoor small cells (Leader: CHALMERS)
Goals: WP2 aims to characterize and optimize the performance of 3D MIMO array antennas for indoor small-cell Aps
1. Over-The-Air (OTA) aided optimization of array antennas for 3D spatial multiplexing (SMX) and 3D beamforming
2. OTA characterization of array antennas in rich isotropic multi-path (RIMP) and random-line-of-sight (RLOS) environments
3. Testing if array antennas designed to work well in RIMP and RLOS environments will work well in any other environment

WP3: Network planning and optimization of indoor 3D MIMO small cells (Leader: USFD)
Goals: The goals of WP3 are to develop network planning and optimization techniques for indoor 3D MIMO small cells
1. Modeling 3D in-building environments and developing a system-level simulation platform for indoor 3D MIMO small cells
2. Obtaining a fundamental understanding of the network performance gains (including overall spectral efficiency and cell-edge UE throughput) achievable by indoor 3D MIMO small cells, with 3D beamforming or 3D SMX, with or without coordination
3. Jointly optimizing the 3D MIMO configurations (for 3D beamforming or 3D SMX, with or without coordination) and access point (AP) deployment locations for small cells in typical 3D indoor environments
4. Providing 3D MIMO small-cell network planning and deployment guidelines for typical 3D indoor scenarios

WP4: Implement dissemination, exploitation and public engagement activities (Leader: RPN)
1. To identify instruments and strategies for effective result exploitation
2. To plan, monitor and follow‐up dissemination activities
3. To plan and arrange outreach efforts

WP5: Project management (Leader: USFD)
1. To deal with the overall project management and coordination
2. To guarantee timely execution of the secondments of ESRs and R&D tasks
3. To plan and arrange outreach efforts